in this project i was trying to find a new way to get inspiration
and quick designing own ideas. I used the technique called
«écriture automatique» (transl.: «automatic writing»)
to write down every thought, emotion or image which came to my
mind when i looked at a picture. i refrained from making
sense or from censoring my thoughts. after rereading the text i tried
to create the first idea that popped into my head. before doing
so i also set my own restrictions: the pictures should always be in
black/white and a5 portrait format.

at the end of the project i collected all pictures and their texts.
the result became a stock of cards, which can be the starting
point for the same process or can be arranged in association chains.

format: A6 cards
subject: free summerproject
time: august 2013
context: fhnw hgk basel