this poster shows an information graphic of the space
planning for the new campus of arts in basel. i used the data on
quantity, measurements, status and designated use of
every piece of furniture, that will be on the campus grounds.
additionally i worked with the information about the
students and training staff, who will study and work in the
new area.

the information graphic shows the occupied surface area
in relation to the provided area. i displayed every object or person
as a pixel in different colors to provide a better understanding
of the quantity. the size of a pixel is equivalent to the average area,
which would be occupied by a single object or person.

the total amount of pixels put a picture of the new campus
into shape, which also shows the occupied area by the different
categories. the other half of the poster displays the spatial use
of each institute.

format: A1
tutor: marion fink
subject: informationdesign
time: september - december 2013 (2 days per week)
context: fhnw hgk basel