memories define who we are in the present. they are remains
of the past, which are saved unconsciously or deliberately in our
mind. memories are important for our existence and develop-
ment, not only for the individual being but also for us as
a collective. unfortunately they exist only in our head and are hard
to grasp. we need to be aware of the fact, that memories are
always a selective reconstruction of the past, which is not remotely
objective or unchangeable.

with different techniques i analyze, define and show the
various characters of my own memories. i tried to show the se-
lective reconstruction of the past with fragmented compositions
andsequences of pictures. i revealed memories with different
characteristics, which depend on subject, emotion, place and time
of the past and present event. the result is a collection of
12 animations, which give an insight in my mind and memories.

tutor: viola diehl, philipp stamm, fabian kempter
subject: bachelor project
time: april - june 2014
context: fhnw hgk basel